IMD Waxing Rules and Regulations

J2 Girls Mass Start Skate at Soldier Hollow

The Intermountain Division has specific regulations on race waxes for all IMD sanctioned events.  Please carefully read the following wax rules and ensure that you understand the IMD waxing policies.

For all IMD Series/JNQ races:

  • U16s, U18s, and U20s, U23s and Seniors may ONLY use Hydrocarbon, LF and HF waxes as base layers
  • U14s and younger may ONLY use Hydrocarbon waxes as base layers (no Fluorocarbon wax)


  • U16s,U18s, and U20s, U23s and Seniors may ONLY use pure flouro solid waxes that can be rubbed on as top coats. Powders and Liquids are not permitted.┬á
  • U14s and younger may not use top coats

Please Note:

  • During the Super Qualifier JNQ at Soldier Hollow, the above regulations apply.

Cross Country Skiing can be an expensive sport and the philosophy behind IMD's waxing regulations is to eliminate some of the financial burden on teams and parents by disallowing some of the most expensive waxes at our qualifiers without eliminating fast skis.  Remember that wax is only a small part of the equation and is no substitute for good technique, a high level of fitness, and a great attitude on race day!